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Google analytics is no longer enough. It will only provide a big picture view of the visitor’s behaviour on your website.

It doesn’t tell you which companies or individuals have visited, how often they have visited, which pages they’ve looked at and for how long, or how often they have come back.

The answer is TrakkaMetrics. from MC+Co, our innovative lead generation software enables you to identify your best leads and their stage in the sales process.

It focuses all marketing activity - advertising, websites, digital content, social media, email newsletters and pay-per-click campaigns - on identifying potential clients.

And provides more visitor clarity than ever before.

It’s just one of a range of powerful tools from MC+Co that will allow you to nurture prospects quickly to the point of sale.

In Detail

  • IDENTIFY the companies that visit your website
  • IDENTIFY the individuals that visit your website
  • TRACK visitor’s behaviour on your website
  • BUILD RICH USER PROFILES of visitor activity
  • LEAD SCORE AND QUALIFY visitors to identify hot prospects
  • FEED LEADS via automatic notifications directly into your marketing resource for nurturing
  • FEED LEADS into your sales team, at the right point, to convert them into paying customers

Since MC+Co redeveloped our ecommerce website adding amazing new functionality, we have seen a 30% increase in sales, with a 12% increase in shopping basket values. In fact, the cost of the new website platform was covered in just a few months.

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Utilising our range of lead generation tools, including our innovative TrakkaMetrics software, we avidly monitor prospects throughout the marketing process, allowing you to skilfully nurture them to the point of sale.

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