Given its clear benefits, why aren't more businesses using video marketing?

Given its clear benefits, why aren

A well produced video, used and promoted in the right way, can significantly increase engagement with your messages, brands, products and services. In fact, 88% of businesses who have used video, report a positive return on investment.

A study by Renderforest found that video typically helps a business to increase:

  • Conversions by 31%
  • Sales by 34%
  • Traffic by 51%
  • Qualified leads by 66%
  • Brand awareness by 70%

So, why aren’t all businesses incorporating video into their marketing mix?

It appears that Marketeers still feel that there are barriers to being able to roll out video effectively. In a recent survey:

  • 16% said it’s because they lack the time
  • 17% said it was because it’s too expensive
  • 17% said it was because they didn’t know where to start
80% of Marketeers would create more videos if they knew an easier way

However, all these barriers can easily be overcome. By utilising the right knowledge and expertise you can quickly integrate video into your marketing programme creatively, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Even among businesses using video, many aren’t maximising it to its full potential.

It shouldn’t be constrained as just a tactic to be used within awareness campaigns. Video content can be implemented throughout your marketing and engagement efforts supporting every step of the customer journey and is equally effective in supporting employee communications.

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