Complicated financial ideas don't have to be difficult to understand

Complicated financial ideas don

The Financial sector is evolving, harnessing deep expertise, experience and data to power the innovation of new and existing B2B and B2C services and products. While this in theory is great news for clients and businesses alike, trying to convey the benefits of such complex services to the layman can be challenging.

In fact, the more ‘expert’ technical jargon you try to overtly force your audiences to digest the more likely you are to push them away - and winning their attention back once you have lost it becomes twice as hard!

That doesn’t mean to say that a level of detail isn’t needed. It is, but you need to use it at the right time, and it has to be presented in a carefully crafted, considered and interesting way.

This is one of the great communication challenges of marketing. So how do you make complex, dull information more straightforward, relevant and engaging?

“Simplicity will stand out, while complexity will get lost in the crowd.Kevin Barnett

Here are a few key tips on how to find the perfect balance.

Walk a mile in their shoes
The first step is to truly understand the reality from your customers perspective; the way they see the world, what their needs are and how you can fulfil their aspirations and desires. You can then craft messaging that resonates with their world view rather than yours.

Focus on outcomes
Your customer doesn’t care, at least not initially, in your processes or the bureaucratic details of what makes you special. First and foremost, you need to communicate the benefits to them and the value they will derive from your product service or brand - that’s how you will hook them.

Target heart not head
Never forget that it’s a person with their own wants, needs and emotions that you need to convince to buy into your offer - so it’s essential that you engage with people on an emotional level first, you can do the ‘science’ stuff later once you’ve got their interest and attention.

Once you have their heart, their head will quickly follow to try and justify their first impulse to act. It’s only at that point that a level of detail is actually required.

“To simplify complications is the first essential of success.George Earle Buckle

Make things visual
Tell your story with images as well as words. The old adage that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ has never been more true - and a moving image is even better!

That’s why over the years TV ads have been one of the most powerful and successful platforms available for driving engagement. Video content - live action or animation, on websites, on social media or in presentations - is now also a key driver especially when paired with simple direct and emotionally focused copy.

In conclusion
The financial sector is crowded with providers in every area and often tries to present dry, complex and un-engaging information - especially with B2B services. It’s becoming ever harder to break through with this dull marketing noise, particularly as people’s attention span has also become even shorter - we’ve become a world that communicates in sound bites and 140 characters.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.Hans Hofmann

If you simplify your messages, show real and tangible value from your audience’s perspective, whilst speaking directly to a person’s heart you can cut through the noise and build real momentum around your products, services and brands.

At MC+Co we have a wealth of experience operating in the Financial sector, helping to make the complex simple and the mundane engaging - maximising results for our clients.

Take a look at the results of some of our financial sector work here.

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