Addressing Changing Customer Expectations: A Business Branding and Marketing Perspective

Addressing Changing Customer Expectations: A Business Branding and Marketing Perspective

In the eighth post of our series - ‘Solving Your Key Business Challenges in 2023’ we look at the issues businesses face in navigating the complex landscape of changing customer expectations and, importantly, how branding and marketing can address them.

"Customer experience is the new competitive advantage." Jerry Gregoire, author/speaker on customer experience

In today's dynamic business environment, understanding and adapting to changing customer expectations is crucial for success. Customers are increasingly demanding personalised experiences, greater transparency, and a commitment to social responsibility from the brands they engage with.

Businesses that effectively address these expectations can foster customer loyalty, drive growth, and establish themselves as industry leaders. Here are six key areas you should prioritise:

1. Conduct Market Research and Embrace Customer Feedback
The key to addressing changing customer expectations lies in truly understanding them. Businesses should regularly conduct market research and actively seek customer feedback to gain insights into evolving needs and preferences. This information can then be used to inform Branding, Marketing and Communications strategies, ensuring that they align with customer expectations.

"Marketing is the voice of the customer inside the business.” Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author

2. Prioritise Personalisation
Customers today value personalised experiences and expect brands to tailor their communications and offerings to their individual needs. Businesses can leverage data and technology to personalise the customer journey, from product recommendations to targeted marketing messages.

A recent study by Salesforce found that 73% of customers expect personalised experiences from brands.

3. Transparency
Transparency and honesty are paramount in building trust with customers. Clear and effective communication of new product features, transparent pricing and social and/or environmentally positive business practices fosters customer trust.

According to a report by Adobe, 81% of customers say they are more likely to trust brands that are transparent about their practices.

4. Embrace Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly important to both consumers and to companies who favour brands that align with their values and support their practices.

Businesses should incorporate sustainability initiatives into their operations and emphasise their commitment to social responsibility in their branding and marketing efforts. This can attract a growing segment of customers who prioritise ethical and environmentally conscious practices above price.

A study by Nielsen revealed that 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies that commit to social responsibility.

5. Stay Ahead of Trends and Innovate Continuously
Businesses must stay informed about emerging trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. Companies that embrace innovation and focus on continuously improving products, services, and processes can stay ahead of the curve and match the ever-changing demands of their customers.

6. Provide Exceptional Customer Service
Excellent customer service is a cornerstone of a positive customer experience. Businesses should invest in training and empowering their employees to provide prompt, helpful, and personalised service. Positive customer interactions can lead to strong customer relationships, brand advocacy, and increased business opportunities.


Businesses can successfully address changing customer expectations by making their offer and their actions visible and relevant to their customers. This starts with developing an understanding of your customers expectations through on-going market research. You can then address issues like transparency, sustainability, innovation, personalisation, customer service and the customer experience more effectively.

By employing these strategies and tactics you can develop and maintain strong connections with your customers, and ensure your business benefits from the increased loyalty engendered.

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